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FSM Football Stats Master

FSM Football Stats Master offers betting tips coming from famous football gurus and complex math algorithms.
It has been designed for football lovers, statistics experts and bettors.

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Features :
● Guru comparison
● Match analysis and forecastings
● Fair bets and value bets
● ELO algorithm
● Goal Supremacy algorithm
● Heart Team
● FSM Genius
● Leaderboards
● Results
● Team fitness
● Statistics
● Historical Leaderboards, Results and Statistics since 1994
● Master Quiz
● Team analyisis
● Mimmo’s corner
● FSM users chat
● Real time news from football world
● FSM news

The brand new guru comparison help you following worldwide master bettors and football gurus, reading and comparing their tips real time.
Match analysis is made by comparing algorithms results :

ELO algorithm forecasts match result computing power of the two teams analyzing previous matches, home field advantage, goals scored and conceded.

Goal supremacy algorithm forecasts match result computing fitness of the two teams analyzing goals made and conceded in the last 6 matches and comparing them with a large amount of similar fitnesses matches played in the 20 years.

Value bet quotes, if compared with bookamakers’ quotation, is an important odds indicator and they are calculated using goal supremacy algorithm.

FSM Genius analyzes historical data and tells important textual info about the match.
Heart team is a shortcut to get info about your favorite team in just one click.


Do you miss 90’s or a stats maniac?
Get the best with our historical data, a 20 years database of the major european football leagues.
Be up-to-date with football world reading our football news aggregator, chat with other users and play with master quiz!
Crazy tips randomly generated from our database.

More than 300K downloads worldwide.

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